How To Carve and Decorate a Pineapple into a Beautiful Centerpiece

Decorations for weddings and parties don't have to be expensive to impress.

While you may be tempted to order carved pineapples, fruits and veggies for your party, why not try to make a few yourself?

They really are not as hard as you might think and you only need a few to make your table into a showplace.

This video will show you how easy it is ( it really is pretty easy) and how you don't need a lot of talent or experience to create a masterpiece.

Just be sure to watch the video beginning to end a few times before you begin so you can see how each of the cut pieces of pineapple fall into place.
Then pick up a pineapple or two and try your hand at it.  Even if the first carved pineapple doesn't come out perfect, nothing gets wasted as you just eat the fruit.  But you will be surprised how well you can do the first time around and even if you are not amazed your friends and family will be.

Now it's your turn. While you don't need any fancy knives, if you are planning on carving many pineapples or want to create several fruit trays or veggie trays be sure that you have good quality knives as it will make cutting less stressful on your wrists and fingers.

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